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How to Wear and How Not to Wear the Shapewear

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Shapewear has a long history and, in many ways, its introduction as an undergarment changed how women decided to dress. Before, women were forced to hide flaws and imperfections in their weight with ruffles, extra fabric, draping, cinched waists and wide skirts, or other fashion tricks. There were a number of dresses, tops, and skirts that heavier women avoided because they revealed too much of these imperfections.

The invention of shapewear allowed women to have fit, curvy figures, without the imperfections sticking out. Now, any woman can feel sexy and skinny in a tight dress or fitted skirt. The amazing thing is, shapewear for tummy control can help you to fit in almost any tights without actual weight loss. With this new versatility came a few new problems for women, and it was soon obvious that there were certain shapewear mistakes you need to avoid to achieve that smooth, flawless look.

Shapewear is the perfect undergarment to that skimpy, tight-from-top -to-bottom dress in the back of your closet if you choose it smart.

Mistake #1: Colour Complications.

If your shapewear is a very dark colour or material, and your dress is very light coloured, suddenly everyone will be looking at your unflattering Spanx or other shapewear, not the awesome dress.

What many fail to consider is that the inverse is also true. If you have a little black dress, your undergarments should be black also. Failure to follow this rule will be obvious when you snap your first photo of the night and your white shapewear is on full display in the photo. The rule with colour is to own a few different pairs of shapewear to fit your different coloured clothing. Alternatively, nude shapewear is a safe option for under most clothing, and most women start by purchasing this colour.

Mistake #2: Size Matters

If there is one golden rule of shopping for shapewear it is to buy the correct size. Shapewear is specifically made to hug your body in certain places and provide comfort in others. This is how it works its magic around your thighs, abs, and back. That means going a size small can have pretty awful ramifications.

Women who size down, often find that their shapewear is making their night less comfortable, not more. Also, everything from going to the toilet to eating a meal seems like a chore. Shapewear is designed to fit snuggly, but should not suffocate you or feel uncomfortable.  When in doubt have a professional fit you for the right shapewear.

Mistake #3: Not Spending the Money

There are some fantastic brands of shapewear on the market for a very reasonable price. There is no need to scrape the bottom of the barrel when looking at costs. Therefore, opting for something that is midrange will ensure you receive a quality product that will last, without wasting a lot of money on a cut or style of shapewear you only wear for a single, special occasion.

Finding the Perfect Pair

Overall there is one essential rule for buying shapewear, buy what fits your body. This means choosing a size based on how it feels, not a number, and choosing a cut that camouflages your particular flaws or imperfections. If you shop for your body, not a friend’s or ideal image in the magazines, then you will be happier wearing an awesome outfit the next time you go out!