Fashion Events


Get to know the fashion show

There are tons of fashion events around the world annually or twice a year. It is a great platform for fashion designers to showcase their design of wearing like clothes, shoes, and accessories for the coming season. In addition, it is not only a wonderful place for designers and modules to establish their reputation but also a good source for general people to get the taste of the fashion industry.
Although it is hard to say which events have the most important impact on the world’s fashion mark, we do have several famous events contributed to the fashion market. Let’s get to know them together.

Paris Fashion Week

Usually, Paris Fashion Week is regarded as the most famous fashion show in the world. The event is held in bi-annually in Paris to showcase Spring-Summer and Autumn-Winter collections with a different date determined by the French Fashion Federation.

Milan Fashion Week

A fashion show is held in Milan, Italy where is regarded as one of the big Four Fashion Capitals around the world. It is typically scheduled the Spring Summer Collection in February – March and the Autumn Winter Collection in September – October.

London Fashion Week

London Fashion Week is a relatively young event starting its history in 1984 and organised by the British Fashion Council. By now, it has become one of the four celebrated fashion events in the world. February and September in each year are the planning show time.

New York Fashion Week

The American version of Paris Fashion Week which was coined in 1943. It also occurs in February and September of each year but New York.
These London, Milan, Paris and New York events are considered to be the four major fashion weeks in the world.

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